Monday, January 13, 2014

Urban Fantasy Novel on Sale: Dead Man's Deal

Were you lucky enough to take advantage of the ANGEL'S INK sale in December through the beginning of January?  The first novel in the Asylum Tales series helped to introduce you to Gage's world of warlocks, tattoo artists, elves, vampires, werewolves, and so many other strange and fantastic creatures.

I've got great news! Now is a great time to pick up the second book in the series -- DEAD MAN'S DEAL.  The novel is currently on sale for the Kindle for only $1.99.  Yep, for just $2 you can pick up the next book and learn about Gage's continued exploits.

What are some of the things you'll see in this book:

1. Gage takes on the Summer Court to help free Trixie of their pursuit

2. Meet the family that Gage was forced to leave behind when he was taken to the Towers

3. Get a look inside the Towers at last!

4.  Meet a creature that actually scares Gage more than warlocks and witches

5.  See Gage hold a bit of his future in his hands.

Pick up the next step in Gage's story now!  The book is on sale for Kindle at the moment.  I'll update you if the other booksellers fall in line and drop their price.


Lisa Gardner said...

Is this same deal going to be available on the Nook?

Jocelynn Drake said...

I think so. I'll keep checking and keep you updated.

Jocelynn Drake said...

Sorry I'm so slow, but it is on sale on Nook now