Wednesday, January 15, 2014

13 Stories To Read While I'm Gone

Today is my last day in Wisconsin.  Late tonight, we're packing up the car with the animals and the last of our things to begin the long trek south -- deep south to South Florida.  I'll be leaving behind mounds of snow, frigid temperatures, ice-covered sidewalks, and worries about a thing called Wind Chill.  I am headed to the land of warm, where I will have easy access to beaches, those cute little lizards that are everywhere, and Disney World.  I think this is a good trade.

While it will probably be a while before my house is in some semblance of order and I'm back online at a regular schedule, I wanted to leave you with somethings to keep you busy (you know, in case you missed my sparkling personality).

Here's a fun reading list:

Did you take advantage of the sale on ANGEL'S INK in December through early January?  Then you probably need to pick up DEAD MAN'S DEAL now!  Through mid-February, the e-book is on sale for only $1.99.  Whoo-Hoo!  It's on sale for:

But what if you've read both books and need more Gage?  Don't forget that there are 3 short stories/novellas available as well.
The Asylum Interview: Bronx
The Asylum Interview: Trixie
Blood by Moonlight

But you've read all that? Hmmm....
Did you know I have an alter-ego who writer historical romance?  Yep, I needed a little break from vampires and werewolves and warlocks, so I slip over to historical romance every once in a while to have a little fun.  If you'd like to try something different of mine, check out Joy Douglass.  I have released:
Stolen Kisses At Midnight (novella)
What A Lady Treasures (novel)

Read that or not into historical romance?  Don't give up yet.  I've got a few more books up my sleeve.

One of my favorite authors -- Dani Worth -- released a new book yesterday.  It's part of her post-apocalypse series, Crux Survivors. Sole Survivors came out Tuesday and is the second book in the series.  The first is After the Crux.  I read the first one and loved it.  I'm waiting for the dust to settle so I can start the second book.

Another amazing author I love -- Vicki Pettersson -- has the second book in her Celestial Blues series on sale.  If you haven't started this series yet, it's a great time!  The first book is THE TAKEN.  The second book is THE LOST, which is currently on sale for only $0.99 as an e-book.  If you love both of those, then you can pre-order the last book in the series, THE GIVEN, which comes out May 27.
To help you get started, here's some links for THE LOST

And it looks like a couple of Kim Harrison's e-books are still on sale if you haven't gotten caught up with that series yet.
Dead Witch Walking is $1.99
Black Magic Sanction is $1.99

That should keep you busy.  13 different stories featuring warlocks, witches, demons, elves, angels,
post-apocalyptic horrors, ballrooms, Egyptian curses, underground boxing matches, disguises, werewolves, trolls, and more.  I'll be back soon with pictures of my new home.


Jessica @ a GREAT read said...

That's a lot of reads! Found I've read a good portion of them and have a few in the ol' TBR stopped being a pile years ago!

Hope you find Florida more satisfactory than Wisconsin! Hope to see you again one of these days!*

*I met you at RT 2010 in Columbus and we had lunch together along with Devon Monk and Jenna Black! That's still my most favorite RT memory ever! :)

Jocelynn Drake said...

I remember our lunch! That was so much fun for me too.

I hear you on the mountain. I'm such a random reader now and I'm completely behind on ALL the series I was reading. I'm making 2014 my year of "catching up." I will catch up on reading, writing, and other random stuff. :)

Wisconsin was nice but the long winter broke me. We're moving to the land of No Winter. We'll see how that works out.

Fingers crossed that I'll make 2015 RT and get back to doing more appearances. I'm very sad that I won't make RT in NOLA. Thanks for stopping by!