The Asylum Tales Series

The Asylum Tales series
(reading order)

Prequel novella: The Asylum Interviews: Bronx

Prequel novella: The Asylum Interviews: Trixie

Book 1: Angel's Ink

Book 2: Dead Man's Deal

Anthology: Blood by Moonlight (short story: Of Monsters and Men)


Angela Fitzgerald said...

I just posted a comment but it was deleted or something. Anyway this is more of a problem than anything else, but yes I hope you fix the problem. On October 30th you posted The Asylum Tales. You let us know about the first prequel novella "Asylum Interviews: Bronx and then the second novella, "The Asylum Interviews: Trixie. You then had some other stories we could download like " The Subjugation of the Races" and "Low Town Tour Guide." The problem is when trying to download "SCHOOL. DAYS" and "SEEKING ASYLUM." When downloading those two it kept downloading "The Subjugation of the Races. Can you fix this problem? I really want to read those two stories. Im not sure why its doing this. I also want to say I love your work. I found out about you from another talented author that you know, the talented Kim Harrison. I love your work. Please, Please, fix this problem. I want to read " School Days" and "Seeking Asylum." Thank you for all the hours of entertainment

Jocelynn Drake said...

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I'm glad that you've enjoyed the new series.

I just checked the website and both links worked for me, but I will also post them here. Please check if this works.

Seeking Asylum:

Schools Days:


Anonymous said...

When will book 3 of this series be out? Is there a plan or some sort of road map that tells us when to expect the next books?

Deb said...

i wait ever so IMpatiently for the next book. I hope it arrives in 2013!

Jocelynn Drake said...

Sorry about the delay in responding. I just saw these comments. I am working on the next book in Gage's story for the Asylum Tales. I don't currently know when it will be released. I am sorry about that. I am hoping to finish the book by the end of summer/early fall. This winter, I am hoping to have a release slated for you, but it is likely that it won't be until 2014. Thanks for your support!

Anonymous said...

Just wanted you to know that, though I am impatient, I will willingly wait for the next book in the series. These characters have become so real to me that I simply must know what happens to them. Keep up the good work!

LN Winchester said...

Hi, just wanted an update on the next Asylum book. Does it have a title yet? I'd like to put it on my Amazon wish list so I don't miss it! Thank you.

Peggy Kincaid said...

Loved the first two books and looking to see if a new one is coming this year. I saw something listed on Amazon but wasn't sure that was the new book since it had little information.

Writer's Block said...

Is there another book in the works? I love this series and recommend it to everyone.

jenn Cronin said...

I have only read Angel's Ink,but I am already hooked. I want to purchase more books but am having an issues determining what order I should be reading the books in and the actual number of books in the series. Can you please help me with that?