Sunday, May 19, 2013

Contest & Signed Books

The fabulous release of the second book in the Asylum Tales has resulted in signed books, guest blogs, and many wonderful giveaways.  With so much going on, I'm sure that you might have missed one or two.  Let me provide you with a quick list so you can hit all the awesome blogs.


Tynga's Reviews: I wrote a guest blog that talks about what I do in my spare time when I'm not writing books about warlocks, tattoo artists, and dark elves with a death wish.  Giveaway: Angel's Ink

All Things Urban Fantasy: I wrote a guest blog that talks about the creating potions in Gage's world and why they are used by tattoo artist rather than anyone else.  Giveaway: Dead Man's Deal

Dark Faerie Tales: Gage might not have won his round in the Supernatural Smackdown but the Dead Man's Deal giveaway is still going!

Larissa's Bookish Life: I wrote a guest blog that talks about the music I listen to to get into Gage's frame of mind.  Giveaway: Angel's Ink

Signed Books

If you don't want to wait to win a copy of a signed book, you can purchase one Schuler's no matter where you live.  A week ago, I had a book signing at Schuler's and left behind many signed books (both Dark Days and Asylum Tales).  Give them a call and they will ship to you!  Here are some more details.

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Summer Ross said...

Awesome. Thanks for posting these.