Sunday, October 7, 2012

Birthday Wishes

It's that time of year again when I am officially another year old. I've been sort of celebrating all weekend, since it's going to be my last weekend to relax for a while.  First, we went and picked up a copy of Cinderella.  While I don't have any kids and my strange predilection for dark books, I am a lover of Disney animated movies.  I really appreciated that Disney always releases a new animated movie at the beginning October -- just in time for my birthday. (It's like they knew!)

After that, we ran and got me new shoes! Yay! I love new shoes.  I really needed new sneakers.  My knees were not happy with me whenever I walked because I had worn my old shoes out.  Now my feet are so happy and my knees don't even know I'm walking.  These shoes will help me get to my signings on time with a spring in my step.

 And now my awesome Other Half is making me breakfast. It's a special breakfast.  It's yummy sausage links and strawberry and chocolate chip pancakes.  He even came out of the kitchen and did a little song and dance celebrating the pancakes (I live in a strange household.)

After breakfast, I am spending the day relaxing with video games, books, and movies.  Yep. There will be little to no work for me today.  I promise to get back at it tomorrow.

If you would like to give me the greatest gift of all for my birthday, you can try one of my new stories.  There are two novellas available for the Asylum Tales.  What's more, the first novel is going to be available on October 16 -- just 9 more days!! You can pre-order it now so you can have it when it comes out or pick up a signed copy at one my upcoming signings.  Click here for book details.  Click here for appearance details.

Have a great day! I'm off to eat pancakes!!

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Jessica@a GREAT read said...

Nice! Happy Birthday Jocelynn!

I got me a copy of Cinderella this week too! Love Disney movies! And I love me my dark urban fantasy books! Always thought myself to be weird liking both! But now I know I am not alone!! :D