Friday, March 23, 2012

Link-tastic: Blogs You Don't Want to Miss

I'm getting to my Friday blog post really, really late today.  As you saw in my last blog entry, I'm up to my eyeballs in writing and editing during the next couple of months so my Internet presence might dwindle just a bit.  After Wednesday's info-splosion, I really don't have much to report, so I think today is going to be a series of links to cool stuff.

First, I found on HarperCollins/Voyager blog that an indie bookseller now has a e-reader app.  If you would like to support more independent booksellers and still get your books as e-books, please click on the following link to get more cool details.  Please click here.  Also, it doesn't hurt to bookmark this Voyager blog as they supply great updates on things happening within the Sci-fi/Fantasy world.

Elsewhere, I stumbled over some cool news.  One of my favorite authors is coming to my neck of the woods.  Do you love vampires?  Do you love vampire romance novels?  If yes, then you should definitely be reading Kerrelyn Sparks.  I love her Love At Stake series and she has a new book (Wanted: Undead or Alive) comes out on Tuesday, March 27!  She is going to be making some appearances to celebrate the release of the book and she's coming to my hometown of Cincinnati on March 31!  Check out her website to see if she's coming to a town near you and then mark your calendar!

Congrats goes out to Kim Harrison!  Her newest book spent three weeks on the New York Times bestseller list and her first book, Dead Witch Walking, just appeared on the list.  Dead Witch Walking is on sale for a couple more days.  Jump on it now!  Click here for some more details.  This is a great series and you need to start it if you haven't.

Earlier this week, the lovely Vicki Pettersson discussed making the move from mass market paperback to trade paperback with her new series.  Stop by and read her brilliant comments.  This blog entry hits home for me as I will be making the same move with my new series later this year.  Vicki is another person you should be following.  Fantastic writer.  Funny woman.

Want a quick, funny read?  Stop by Ilona Andrews' blog for her thoughts on Herding Cats.  Great pictures and great dialogue.  And I thought I had problems dealing with two cats and one puppy!

And finally, you should always stop by Supernatural Underground for great updates and thoughts about books and events in the paranormal world.  This band of fantastic authors keeps you abreast of their upcoming releases as well as some of their stranger interests.

Well, that should keep you busy for a little while.  I'm diving back into my edits for a couple more hours before treating myself to a book.  Have a great weekend!

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