Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Beating Back Life

Life is invading today.  I'm trying to beat it back, but shiny objects keep distracting me and then life tackles me back  to the ground.  I don't have much to report.  Actually, I take that back.  I've got nothing to report.  I think I will have something on Friday, but not today.

Today: I'm washing Max's blankets.  Exciting, I know.  The kitchen needs to be cleaned, the living room dusted, laundry is piling up, the cats are giving me dirty looks because I need to clean their litter box.  Also, we're praying the rain holds off for a few more hours because the clover in the backyard is now well above my ankles.  Way past time to mow the lawn.

Between arguing with the pets (kids) and cleaning and batting at shiny objects, I am working on the final edits for Angel's Ink.  I just sent in my revisions for the first of two short stories that will precede the release of Angel's Ink.  After I finish the edits on Angel's Ink, I will finish the rough draft of the second book and then work on the edits for the second novella.  With any luck, everything will be in the hands of my editor by mid-May and I will be free to play with ... something that's been simmering in the back of my brain.

Oh, one minor thing.  I've changed my Facebook page.  You no longer have to "friend me".  You can simply "Like" my page in order to get my updates on Facebook. I'm still trying to figure out this Timeline stuff and it's not going well.  The page might be a little rough looking until after I get all the edits done and I can devote some time to it.  Regardless, I will be posting updates here on the blog and on Facebook and on Twitter.  Enjoy.

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