Sunday, January 29, 2012

Music, Madness, and Mayhem

Looking at my recent blog entries, I feel like this blog has become a non-stop promotion machine.  And while the point of this blog is in some part promotion, that's not the entire purpose of the blog.  I also needed a spot to ramble, whine, complain, and just be silly.  So, enough!  There will be enough time for promotion tomorrow and the next day.  Today is just for silliness and randomness.  If you want to read about my upcoming book signing, Nightwalker sale, and release of the upcoming novella on Tuesday, just scroll down.

For now, let's see what I can talk about.  Hmmm.... my newest obsession?  Tackling the Dragon's Tail.  There is this 11-mile stretch of road running from Tennessee to North Carolina.  There are no turn-offs, no driveways.  It's 11 miles and 318 curves.  It's called the Dragon's Tail and it's awesome.  Here is a video giving some of the highlights of the Dragon.

My brother and I both own Mini Coopers.  There is a special set of days called Minis on the Dragon that we're hoping to do.  It's in May and a ton of Minis descend on this stretch of road for some fun.  It's a little insane, but it looks like some killer fun.

So now that I've broken the seal on the videos, let's see what else I can throw at you.  Apparently, my brother spends a lot of time on YouTube, and he is nice enough to find the cool stuff for me to pass along.  Here's this video that I thought was funny:

And then there's this old one, because the world is just a better place with Pinky's logic in it.

And here's a compilation of what Freddiew did with 2011.  Proof that we should all be watching his insane videos.

  Finally, a music video that I'm addicted to.

Enjoy and have a great day!

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