Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Novella Release: More Mira

Do you need more Mira?
The Dark Days series has ended.  The last book (Burn the Night) hit the shelves last summer and you're left sitting in the dark, thinking: "How am I supposed to go on?" 

Don't worry, my friend.  I understand.  I can relate.  After the last book was handed into my editor for the last time, I was left wondering, "How do I let go after so many years?"  Mira has been my shadow, my friend, my nightmare, my confidant, my demon, my hero, my joy and my tears.  How do you let go?

You do it slowly.  You loosen those clenched fingers and unwind them from around the book one at a time until you can finally set it down.  And if you're not quite ready to walk completely away from Mira, Danaus, and her world, I suggest that you try a novella or two.  And I've got something to help you.

Hitting e-readers today is a novella that was originally released in the Unbound anthology a few years back.  "The Dead, the Damned, and the Forgotten" is a prequel novella to the entire series, taking place about a month before Nightwalker.  The story is about Mira attempting to solve a murder that takes place in Savannah, threatening to plunge her domain into chaos.  If she can't get her city back under control, there's an agent of the Coven waiting in the wings, ready to remove her head and heart so he can deliver them to the Elders.

The novella is available for only $0.99 at your usual e-book vendors, so if you need one last visit with Mira and Knox, then grab this one up if you haven't already.

And because I was still struggling to let Mira go after I finished Burn the Night, I wrote one last novella for her.  The question kept coming up about her relationship with Valerio so many centuries ago.  I had always wanted to take a closer look at a bit of Mira's past, but never had the chance.  Until now.

Later this spring, a second novella will be released as an e-book.  It is another prequel that is set a few centuries before Nightwalker and takes a closer look at Mira's relationship with Valerio.  It has  has appearances from other several characters within the series as well.  I think you'll enjoy it.  I'll be posting more details later as they come available.

For now, enjoy one last trip through Savannah with the Fire Starter.

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