Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Last Days of Nightwalker Sale

The wading through the muck and mire continues.  I am making progress on the book, but it has started fighting me a bit.  I'll beat it back down and take control again shortly.  I love a book that's got some spunk and spirit to it!

I just remembered that I should remind you that the Nightwalker e-book will be on sale for only a little while longer.  In December, my publisher marked down all e-book editions of Nightwalker to $0.99.  Yep, you can have the first book to the Dark Days series for only $1!  Do you have a friend that needs some vampires in his/her life?  This is a great way to get them hooked on Mira and the gang for a great low price. 

Nightwalker will remain $0.99 until February 6, so hurry up and add it to your e-reader now!

Also, don't forget to pre-order the prequel novella to the Dark Days series, "The Dead, the Damned and the Forgotten".  It is also just $0.99.  Two great stories about vampires, werewolves, and dark creatures of the earth for less than $2.

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