Monday, November 14, 2011

One Down, One To Go

I survived the weekend.  I've had better weekends, but then I'm pretty sure I've had worse as well... so we're just going to move on and pray that the week proves to be more enjoyable and productive.

Thanks to all who helped with my call for suggestions on what to name my succubus-run brothel.  I finished my edits on the first short story, which has been titled The Asylum Interviews: Bronx's Story (of course, that's the title before my editor get her hands on it.  It usually changes after that).  The brothel has been named Miss Holly's Hot House, but it may change as the story will still go through several edits before being released in spring 2012.  But as names go, I'm pretty pleased with it at the moment.

I'm changing gears and heading back into the second short story today.  I worked on the plotting and figured out the end.  I am just missing a section in the middle that will encompass two to three chapters, but I think it will come to me soon.  I am aiming for the second short story to be as long as the first, which is sitting about just under 80 pages.  The one thing that has surprised me so far is how much Trixie and Gage dislike each other upon first meeting.  I'm not pleased considering that I need to bring them around since they will be working with each other  -- or at least, that's the goal.

Odd moment of the weekend: I took my Mini Cooper into the shop for an oil change and quick check-up.  I was sitting in the crowded waiting room, working on my plotting when I hit a stopping point and needed a little help.  You can't imagine how many strange looks I got when I called my O.H. and asked him what kind of assault charges would need to be leveled on a vampire to get him thrown in jail for a few years.  I've decided that authors really get to have some of the most interesting conversations.

Well, it's time to get at it.  I'm running behind on my NaNoWriMo since I haven't written any fresh words in three days.  It shouldn't be too hard to catch up since my goal is to finish writing the short story by Friday so I can hand it in next Monday.  Keep your fingers crossed!

Today, I leave you with a picture of our puppy Max as he plays with his new favorite toy, a giraffe named Geoffrey.  He carries it around the house and sleeps with it, using it as a pillow.  

And yes, in the background, you can see the whiteboard I am using to make notes for the second short story.  Sorry, no big plot surprised revealed today.

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Jessica@a GREAT read said...

Awww!! He's so cute! (Max, of course!) ;)