Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Brothels & World Domination

Sorry about the lack of a post yesterday.  I was working late and when I took a break to finally write my blog post I saw that it was already after midnight so I scrapped it until now.  Unfortunately, I don't have much to report.  I continued to chip away the new second short story.  I have finished the first chapter and I'm hoping to complete the second chapter tomorrow.  The bad part is that I don't have anything plotted out after the second chapter.  I might find myself staring at my white board again on Friday.  I've got some ideas of what I want the problem for the story to be, but I haven't figured out how to solve it.  Well, I know how to solve it, but it would only take one chapter, making this story way too short.

As for NaNoWriMo, I have somehow managed to stay on target.  My word count total sits at 14,965 words, which is only 35 words behind where I should be.  I think I can pick up those extra words tomorrow and get a little ahead.  I need to be ahead if I'm going to pause on Friday for plotting.

My current plan is to write chapter 2 on Thursday, plot on Friday, start chapter 3 on Friday, finish chapter 3 and start chapter 4 on Saturday, and edit the first short story on Sunday.  It will have been one week since I finished it, allowing me to come at it with somewhat fresh eyes. 

The only major thing I think I need to do to it is come up with a name for a brothel.  Do you have some suggestions for me?  Please...!  It's a succubus run and owned brothel where all the employees are incubus or succubus.  I need a name.  Other details: it's in a Victorian-style mansion on a quiet, oak-lined residential street.  So subtle would be nice, but I also appreciate cheeky puns.

Finally, while at the grocery today, my O.H. tried his hand at the claw game and won me a Stewie doll from Family Guy!  He is so cute and I love Family Guy, particularly Stewie and Brian.  I don't currently have a Brian, but he seems to be making friends with my Devil Dog, which I received for Valentine's Day last year.

I'm thinking that Stewie may start to travel with me.  His shirt says "World Domination" and that has always been his goal.  Well, that and to kill his mother Lois.  So, what better way to take over the world than to travel with an author as he conquers each city.  I also love the Stewie has a tattoo on his arm.  It's a heart with "Mom" written across it.  Very ironic and fitting for my new series.  Yes, little Stewie will make a nice addition to my growing army of minions.


Shuttup Ted said...

How about: Bored-Hello

Alexandria said...

How about ...

*Lilith's Mansion
*Oak Hill
*Haunting Grove

Sara Walker-Howe said...

Going for a play on Dickens's Great Expectations (a typical Victorian novel), how about calling the brothel "Haversham's" as a nod to the perpetual bride?

Jocelynn said...

Thanks for the suggestions! I'm still thinking. I'm going to try to make a decision when I review it this weekend.

mullen said...

-chartered souls
-home away inn
-skimmers grove
(the clean one's aren't as much fun as the dirty)

Brenda Hyde said...

I'm going to admit I suck at titles. Seriously. When I work on my WIPS I have them in my documents folder by the main characters names. It's horrible. LOL

*snort* Bored-Hello

How about Hellebore Inn -- you know, as in the flower. LOL

Jocelynn said...

Don't worry. I am horrible at writing titles. Out of six books, I only came up with the title for one! Naming places I am usually a little better at, but I am totally blanking on this brothel. It's ridiculous! I should be able to think of something but can't.

Shuttup Ted said...

How about "The Devil's Layer"?

or "Wayward's"