Monday, August 22, 2011

Book Collection

I spent part of my weekend rearranging some of the furniture in my house. In large part, I moved most of my bookshelves into a spare room turning it into a pseudo-library, though the cats aren't exactly happy that I've taken over what they have largely seen as their own private bedroom. One of the things that I've seen posted frequently on Facebook has been pictures of people's bookshelves and some of the favorite books that they own. I thought today, since I have nothing particularly important to ramble about, I would post some pictures of my bookshelves and my very beloved books.

First, I will introduce you to the Good Doctor. He is a little figure that broke off a Nightmare Before Christmas snowglobe that I own. I meant to go immediately out and get some superglue to put him back, but recently I've noticed that I've felt comforted by having him sitting on my desk near my monitor. He's been good company and gets in the way less frequently than my cat, Demona.

The first bookshelf is my collection of hardback copies. These are where you will find the bulk of my autographed copies. I look at them and I honestly don't remember buying so many hardback books. A lot of them were picked up when they were deeply discounted and I simply couldn't resist not owning them. You have to understand that I love books. No, that doesn't seem to be enough. I live and breathe books. I love the feel, the weight, the smell, and look of books -- especially hardbacks. They are beautiful and hold the most wonderful worlds in their pages. Sadly, the highest percentage of unread books is my hardback books. I don't know why. Maybe they feel too serious because they are hardback. Or maybe there's something in me that's afraid of damaging a hardback. I've replaced paperback books in the past but I don't think I've ever bought a particular hardback book a second time. Of all my books, I would have to say that Raymond Feist's books are the ones that I would love most to have all in hardback and I'm pretty close. I read a lot of things growing up that I loved, but his books were some of the stories that drove me to want to write.

My second shelf is my paperback books. There are some authors that I have in paper and hardback such as Kim Harrison, Raymond Feist, and Neil Gaiman. A part of me wants to have them all in one place, but the neat and orderly side demands to have them separated by hard and paper. (Am I insane? Yes, but that's for another day.) Looking at my paperback shelf has made me realize two things. 1.) I need another shelf because this one is full and 2.) It's time to seriously consider e-books, which I have done. There are a lot of books that I've gotten rid of due to a lack of space and now I would love to own them again so I can re-read them. For instance, I used to have a nice collection of historical romances but I went through a lengthy period where I wasn't reading any romances, so I got rid of the books to make room for others. Now, I'm reading romances again and wish I had those books. Will I re-buy them? Probably, but now they will be on my e-reader. I have read a good chunk of these paperback books, particularly if I have more than one by the same author. And, yes, those are my books on the bottom shelf, but I doubt they will be there much longer as I am planning another run to the bookstore today.

The third one is a small shelf for graphic novels and comics. My O.H. (other half) and I have decided to combine our collections. The bottom shelf is my contribution and consists almost entirely of Batman-related comics. I am still missing a number of the ones I want but I think I have a collection to be proud of. He's Marvel and I'm DC. Somehow, we make it work.

Finally, I do have one other small shelf in my office comprised of miscellaneous books. Just a hodgepodge of things that I've picked up over the years that I can't bring myself to get rid of. I also have two more boxes of books packed away that I can't get rid of as well as several research-related books on my desk. I have a serious weakness when it comes to books.

Before I go, I will admit that while I was re-organizing my books I discovered that I had a few doubles. I can't throw them out and I'm not sure what to do with them. Would you like them? Let's have a small contest. I am giving away unsigned copies of:
1. George R.R. Martin's "A Game of Thrones"
2. Vicki Pettersson's "City of Souls"
3. J.R. Ward's "Dark Lover"
4. a hardback copy of Raymond E. Feist's "Rides a Dread Legion"
and let's throw in for good measure, a signed copy of "Burn the Night" by me.

That's 5 books! Let me a comment with your name before Thursday, August 25 and I will pick one winner. The contest is open to US and international readers.


Tamara said...

Am seriously in love with your bookshelves.
Wish I had that many books, but since I pity my dad's back acount I don't buy as many as I'd like.

Anyway, I'd love to win those five. Thank YOU!!

Blowingfeather said...

Now I am going to have to take a picture of my bookshelf, but I have a Kindle now so I don't buy any "books."

My name is Dawn -

Mary said...

I love your method for organizing your books. In fact I love it so much I hope you don't mind if I steal it.

I am in the process of replacing the 100 or so books I lost in e-book form. I miss the real books but I love that I can have so many in ebook form.

I have found that I still buy a paperback copy of the books I love the most.

My name is Mary zoomzoomzombee @ gmail . Com

@littlemisshugs said...

Wow you are very organised. I just have books every where. I have clumps of the books by the same author and then I put them in order but it annoys me if they don't match in size. So mostly I put them where they fit. They are roughly in sections. Most of my cook books, urban fantasy etc. are together. For the past four years I've been using my local & not so local libraries a lot so that has saved a lot of space. Except for those I've fallen in love with too much not to have my own copy. Or when the library is having a sale. Rebecca

susan said...

greetings from ireland!
i am pretty ocd when it comes to my books so i am constantly sorting them as i get new ones ........ really need to get a room just for books!!!! esp since it so had to get a kindle r the likes here!

id luv the chance to win any of those books thanx a million!!

susan harris

Michelle said...

I have replaced some of my hardback collection but I bought second hand ones. Like you, I'm running out of room so I have my keepers and the rest I bookswap. My absolute favourites I have in paperback & ebook. Most of my latest purchases have been ebook rather than paperback, mainly due to the space issue. I never throw a book away, I'd rather donate them to my local charity shop.


Morgan said...

Wow what a collection Jocelynn!
my house is FULL of books. (even a whole wardrobe full) I can't seem to part with them and treasure them all. Some Ive owned since I was a kid and still look Brand New! Even though I've read them countless times. :D
Not too fond of e-books, I do have em' but they just don't look as good on your shelves. (from my perspective anyway.)

P.S: my Brother is Marvel & I'm DC!!

elaing8 said...

I recently moved and reorganized all my books while unpacking.I have so many and run out of room I had to put shelves on my walls.
Thanks for the giveaway.

donnas said...

I wish I had a room I could do that in. It really looks great and well organized. Although my cats would probably get annoyed too. They do think they own the house. Once every year or two I do try and go though and reorganize them though. the books not the cats, the cats do not appreciate organization. :)

bacchus76 at myself dot com

AF said...

Hi Aydin here. I love books and after my last move, most of my books got destroyed when it started to rain while moving. I am slowly trying to build back up my collection, and I would love to win this contest. I love your books and you as an author and look forward to your future work.

Johanna J said...

I wish I had a room where I could just organized my books hopefully one day soon.. I just love to read. Thanks for the chance at your give away..

Stacy (Urban Fantasy Investigations) said...

noy that i need more books but count me in

Stacy (Urban Fantasy Investigations)

Di said...

I would love to win the books. I have four book shelves at the moment. I also have a ton of e-books. I love to read!

Sharon said...

I foster lost and duplicate books. It is the least I can do for all those books out there ;)

Thanks for the chance!

denise said...
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denise said...

Your bookshelves look alot like mine. My hubby bought me a nook so I would stop buying paperbacks, but the e-books cost more. I would love to win these books. Me, me, me please!

My Name and address didn't show up the first
Denise Roberts

jgirlmd said...

so organized!

- jocelyn

Vinny K said...

I love when people feel the same way for books that I do. Especially authors. I believe the word for people like us is bibliophiles. By the way, I think I own more hardcovers than you do, which fills me with an incredible mix of pride and incredulity. However, your paperback collection completely dwarfs mine. There is no comparison. Anyway, my name is Vince and I have some space on my shelves that would welcome those books warmly. Contact me at k_vinny(at-sign-thing)mindless(dot)com. Also, loved the ending of Burn the Night, it was magnificent.

Megs Z said...

I live in a small apartment so I buy a lot of ebooks for space issues. Of course my bookshelves still take up pretty much half of my bedroom.

Steven said...

The majority of my books are paperback. I organize by author/series, as well as type (reference/fantasy), aside from a shelf that I used for 'unread' books. Once read, they made their way to be with the others of a series when applicable. Unfortunately that shelf is pretty empty so I found myself at a library the other day to check out another author to determine if I'd start reading her series too.. Thanks for the contest and all the great writings so far. I look forward to see what you have coming in the future.

CTannStarr said...

That peek was a neat treat. I have so many books there are stacks of them on the end of my futon (LOL). Scary is I have to pack them up for the move from NYC to FL... I know I have to give more books away... Most of my movies are gone and I miss them (sigh).

CYP said...

Woah..That's ALOT of books.

Would love to win one of those:X

Ladysmith said...

My mom is a retired librarian; I teach literature at a university... and my bookshelves are almost empty. Unnatural! But when I asked once why we didn't have that many books at home, my mother made the good point that books should be read, not sit on a shelf. We'd check books out of the library; once you read a book, you hold it in your imagination. (Granted, not the best financial model for authors.) Now I buy popular books, read them gently, and Linda adds them to the circulating collection, including the entire Dark Days series. hope dot waverly at gmail

Anonymous said...

Hi Jocelynn!
Greetings from latina in Germany!
I wish I had your bookshelves! You see, I have a problem: My husband is not into reading. He has only books about Marketing and Business Administration, which he only reads once and then no more. On top of that, we have one bookshelf which we need to share half/half. But, I keep buying books all the time and my husband, who does not understand my obsession, gets mad at me. Sometimes I buy the same book, one in English, one in Spanish (just in case the translation is not good). Well, what I am doing now is that I am slowy replacing his books on the shelf with mine and I am placing his in a box in the cellar. Also I began to hide my new books in a box in the office called: Books for learning German. And I have some books hidden between the tablecloth in my dinning room.
I have also some books (around 150) still in my house in Ecuador which I (hopefully) will be able to bring to Germany without my husband noticing it (still not sure how am I going to do that). But it is the intention that counts.
Thanks for sharing the pics!
My email:

AlexandRia said...

I have close to 200 books now and am almost out of room on my three small bookshelves. Thankfully I have a first edition Nook that helps with the space. I'd love to have five more books to add to them.

Thanks for running this compation Jocleyn!!


BreiaB said...

Love how organized your shelves are. Mine are so far from that it is crazy. Would love to win those books.

bbricke AT yahoo DOT com

Rebecca McCoy said...

wow lady, you're comic collection puts mine to shame. but I'm slowly catching up. lol. :) I'm personally more of a Dark Horse fan, but I like them all. Marvel, DC, Image, they're all great. You have a nice collection of books and I absolutely love the good doctor guy. so cute. I recently purchased a Jack and Sally doll from the Disney store. I LOVE Nightmare Before Christmas. Jack is amazing.

I have a weakness for books myself but sadly have no job at present to purchase the many that I desire. But working on changing that. :) Well have a great week!

~Rebecca McCoy

stephanie said...

Loved ur Dark Days Series! It is ranked in my top five favorite series...thanks! Can't wait to read ur next series.

Sheree said...

Love your book shelves! Mine are stuffed with books every which way AND I've got a whole lot of books in boxes in the garage. I have to do something with them at some point....

ironss [at] gmail [dot] com

Alicia0605 said...

I have well over 500 books. I'm getting ready to add on to my house so when my son get his new room, his old room will be my new library. I have a nook but I still love the feel of a real book in my hands.


Autumn said...

Wow! I wish I could get my books that organized. It seems like books are everywhere throughout my tiny house. I have 3 boys with books of their own too. Last year my husband and I got into an argument over all of the room the books and dvd's took up, so in order to hold on to my books, I got rid of over 100 dvds. I am currently running out of storage space (AGAIN) so am working on a project to utilize more wall space for the kids' games, so I can reclaim one of my bookshelves.

My name is Autumn

Anonymous said...

Rebecca McKnight

Thank you for the contest. =)

Liezl said...

I have about 2 bookshelves worth of books that really should be 4-5 organized as hardcovers, trade paperbacks, mass paperbacks, and graphic novels. I don't know that I will ever switch to e-books as I would miss the feel of having a book in my hands. BTW, I still have the signed book poster of "Pray for Dawn" that you generously gave me during NY Comic Con 2010 on your last day. Here's hoping you return to NY Comic Con in October this year and don't have to bring your own cupcake! FYI, I saw Jeaniene, Vicki, and Kim Harrison at RWA conference in NYC this year. You were the only red head missing from the comic con panel on urban fantasy and shapeshifters back in 2009? Looking forward to seeing you next time you're in town.