Friday, August 26, 2011

Contest Winner & A Favor

I suck.
I'm late.
I'm sorry.

Everyone has been patiently waiting for me to announce the winner of my latest book giveaway contest, so I will stall no longer. We had approximately 40 entries into the contest and the numbers were entered into the random number generator. The winner of the contest is:

Denise Roberts

who wrote on my page:
"Your bookshelves look a lot like mine. My hubby bought me a nook so I would stop buying paperbacks, but the e-books cost more. I would love to win these books. Me, me, me please!"

Thank you, everyone, who entered. There will be more contests to come. I was thinking of going to my local Borders one last time and picking up some random books to giveaway, because everyone loves getting free books and I love supporting authors.

In some random news, Rob Thurman is ill. From what I have seen on postings on Twitter and the blog, I believe the urban fantasy author has double pneumonia and this is after being in a car accident. So, if you've read her work and would like to support her, go get one of her books. If you haven't read her but still want to support her, go get one of her books.

And finally, something a little more random.
So, I'm a big fan of the Ghost Hunters show. I can't say that I completely believe in ghosts, but I accept that there is a possibility. I like to just wonder "What If?". What if there is such thing as a ghost and that they can actually interact with us? I think that would be pretty cool as it opens up the world to even more possibilities. Anyway, to the point: Ghost Hunters is running an America's Hometown contest where they will go and investigate a town for their next season. They've narrowed the choices down to three possibilities and I am happy to report that Savannah, Georgia is one of them.

If you've read the Dark Days series, you know that I have a deep love of Savannah, and if I can't be there every moment of my day then I will be just as happy to see my lovely Savannah on television. So, here is what I propose: click on the link and vote for Savannah. Then help me promote Savannah as a choice elsewhere. Get others to vote for it!

The Reward: This is where I get a little sneaky and devious. If, on Halloween, they announce that Savannah is the winner of the contest, I will write another short story for the Dark Days series. I don't know who would be the main characters, but it will feature either Mira and/or Danaus. Is that a good deal? Vote for Savannah and possibly get a new Dark Days short story?

Oooh... maybe it could be a ghost story with Mira and Danaus and Nate from the fourth book? Or I wonder if I could incorporate people from the TAPS team in the story? Or do you just want a scene where Mira finally bites Danaus? Hmmm... stuff to think about.


Dottie (Tink's Place) said...

I registered my vote for sweet Savannah, GA!! Hope it wins! (and it would be sweet to read a short story in the Dark Days Series!)

Dottie :)

Robyn C. said...

voted! hope it wins - i lovelovelove savannah - tried for several terms to get into SCAD (sad you let Aurora burn it. LOL!) anyways - how bout a short where Valerio calls in his "favor" - maybe he pops in while Mira's in the middle of FINALLY biting Danaus? heh

off-subject: Burn the Night was BRILLIANT! Best in the series imho. just hadn't gotten around to telling you that yet. *high-five*

Sharon said...

er, biting please I will pulling for Savannah, GA!

Maritza De La Luz said...

Oooh....Mira biting Danaus!!!

CTannStarr said...

Sorry about Rob, will grab her books and do a book club blog write up to get the gang on board with some support.

You do not suck, we will always wait for you because you are very well loved. Anticipation is half the fun. ;-)

Candace said...

I was rootin' for Savannah, GA before I saw your blog post. Now I REALLY want them to go to Savannah. I can't wait until Halloween!