Sunday, March 13, 2011

March Madness Hits The Dark Room

Do vampires care about college basketball?

I mean, eternity can't all be about sucking blood, kicking butt, and torturing poor souls that just happen to cross your path. You can't spend your every night searching for that one love or even that sworn enemy.

Sometimes, you've got to kick back with your fellow brethren of the night and place some bets regarding whether some young boys can get a ball through a hoop suspended in the air more times than some other young boys.

For the curious, I popped by the Dark Days series during this period of time. Knox, the operator of the Dark Room nightclub (which is exclusive to only nightwalkers and lycanthropes) told me that he has several flat panel televisions installed around the club at the start of March and all college games are DVR'ed so that the nightwalkers can come into the club to catch up on the action that they missed during the daylight hours. It is strongly requested that all lycanthropes politely refrain from openly discussing daytime games until after they have been shown on the televisions so that the outcome is not ruined for the vampires. Specials parties are held to celebrate the Sweet Sixteen, Final Four, and of course, the Championship Game.

Knox does not handle any of the wagering that typically goes along with March Madness. This is naturally handled by different groups, which are set up online through the typical venues. However, at the Championship Game, Mira does hold a contest at the nightclub. The person who can guess not only the winner but also come closest to the final score wins $10,000. The night of the Championship Game is the busiest night at the Dark Room as everyone gathers for the excitement and fun.

The nightwalkers and the lycanthropes may hover on the shadow of humanity, but that doesn't mean they don't know how to have a little fun.

And I would like to offer up a little fun for not only my readers, but lovers of urban fantasy, vampires, and werewolves. Over on my discussion board (which is also called The Dark Room), we have started our own March Madness bracket picking contest. Would you like to get in on the fun? I have no knowledge of basketball, but I will be entering my own bracket! It is all in good fun and you never know what Cinderella story is going to surprise and upset everyone!

Click on this link to get more information on joining the group!

Create a bracket! Join the fun! And you just might win some great prizes along they way!

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