Thursday, March 17, 2011

Novella Nonsense

I have decided to pick up another project recently. I had been working on three different books at the same time, bouncing between tweaking the plots and writing dialogue, but now I've shifted gears yet again. I've come up with an idea for a novella set in the Dark Days world, despite the fact that I've officially said that I am done playing in that world.

There have been some requests from readers that I provide them with some more information regarding Valerio and his past with Mira. I haven't purposefully avoided writing about such a thing. It's just that Valerio's history has never neatly fit into the storyline of the series. Valerio and Mira's past occurred several centuries ago and both have gone their separate ways since then.

However, as I work on the novella that I am playing with, I have come to realize that if I release this to the world, readers may be a little confused. They are accustomed to reading about the Mira of the 21st century. She was vastly different when she was running with Valerio in the 18th century. She was darker, crueler, and her sense of humor was definitely a little more twisted. While her passionate affair with Valerio is interesting and enticing, would readers still love a character that has yet to develop into the character they know and love already?

The nice thing with writing a novella before the presence of Danaus and the chaos that takes place in the Dark Days series, I have the chance to revisit some characters that I haven't seen in a while such as Sadira. I also get the chance to see Jabari during the early years as well. Valerio isn't the only manipulative one in Mira's life.

I can't say yet how this novella will reach the world, but I will try to share it even if it means giving it away for free on my website a chapter at a time. For now, I've given myself a deadline of one week to get the rough draft done. I'm making very good progress and I'm running only about a day behind where I want to be. Writing today is going to be a tough endeavor with the sun shining and the temperature topping 70 degrees.

So, here may be your one chance.... want a novella with Mira? Or Danaus? If you could have me write a novella about Mira and/or Danaus, what would it be about? Do you want to know more about Valerio? Jabari? Mira's rebirth as a nightwalker with Sadira? What finally drove her to Savannah from Europe? What would you like to know more about?


Melanie said...


Sharon S. said...

Valerio and Jabari. I would love to read about her rebirth.

mrsj said...

Valerio... my priority is always Valerio... =)

Anonymous said...

Why she left Europe for Savannah. Or maybe her rebirth and some time as the triad learns to use her powers.