Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Back to the Grind

This past weekend was fantastic, if not a little exhausting. I got to hang out with an old friend and fellow writer, Kim Harrison, for lunch before attending her signing that evening. While at the signing, I was able to talk to some friends/fans of the Dark Days series, which is always a lot of fun.

Then on Saturday, I had my own little get-together of fans, where we discussed current books and potential things that might happen in Burn the Night, which comes out on June 28. All the way, I gave out bunches of free swag and books to my readers, which helped to clean out my office just a little bit. :)

Now that the work week has started again and I've caught my breath from the weekend, it's time to head into the breach once again. With me waiting on contract news still, I find myself unsure of which project that I should be working on. So, I think I will be returning to the trunk novel for a time. It's an old favorite and it will probably be a long time before it is published, but I enjoy working on it when I have the time.

In happy news, the snow seems to finally be staying off the ground and the weather is slowly warming. I think we may finally be through the worst of winter and hints of spring are finally on the way. I certainly hope so. I've had my fill of winter.


Jessica said...

I'm going to see Kim tonight! Loved her book! Also can't wait for the final Dark Days novel!! Can't believe it's almost over! Wish I could've been there this weekend, maybe another time!

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