Friday, December 3, 2010

A Really Great Compliment

While working at my dayjob this morning, I received one of the greatest compliments that a writer could receive. One of my co-workers is a type of mentor to a young lady that is a big fan of my books. She asked if I would be willing to pop by the office and sign the latest books released and suggested a potential lunch with the young lady. I happily agreed. I received an email this morning saying that the young lady is so excited that she compared me to the excitment of meeting another SUPERSTAR author (that shall remain nameless). I was flattered beyond all rational thought. I mean, it's just me. I sit in my pajamas most days and type away at the keyboard while my mind is trapped in LA-LA Land. Sometimes it's hard to believe that I'm having such an impact on another person's life and the experience is very humbling.

In the meantime, I've finished with the copyedits of BURN THE NIGHT and have happily shipped them back to my editor for the next phase of the process. In a couple months, I will be receiving the galley edits (first pass edits) and this will be my last chance to make any changes to the book. I have to admit that I am more pleased with the book upon the second reading as it gave me a chance to check in with a lot of characters that have appeared in the previous books and nicely tied up a lot of questions. However, if you find a thread dangling after reading BURN THE NIGHT, I will most likely be happy to answer your question on the Discussion Board (THE DARK ROOM)

Speaking of the discussion board, I recently seeded the Dark Room with some thoughts, questions, comments -- including a little new information about BURN THE NIGHT. I would stop by and check it out. Also, if you keep the conversation rolling, I might feel compelled to give a tiny excerpt from the book. Sorry, it will be a little while before I can release the cover, but I'm sure it will be leaking out onto the internet soon enough.

With Book 6 out of my hair for the time being, I'm turning back to my special projects. One projects needs minor tweaking to the sample chapters and a synopsis. The other needs tweaking to the first two chapters of the sample chapters. With luck, both should be done by early next week.

Finally, I have an important poll! I don't do many signings except at conventions. However, I was thinking of something more informal. With five books on the shelf, I feel readers have a lot to discuss and to speculate about as book 6 comes closer. Would readers be interested in an informal chat with over coffee? I would bring swag and maybe a little bit of Book 6. We could discuss the books, writing, getting published, and just general stuff. Interested? The catch: the meeting would be in the Cincinnati, Ohio area as that is where I live. There is a poll at the top of the page. Please leave your vote. If we get enough people, I will try to schedule something after the holidays.


Melissa Royer said...

Would love to meet you and pick your brain about writing, discipline in writing while having a 'day job', and of course your books. However, Cincy is quite a drive away from Memphis for coffee. Maybe you would look into some of the cons in this area? Mid South Con is held in Memphis in March. Also, Hypericon is held in Nashville in June. :)

Sharon S. said...

I shouldn't vote cause I don't live in the area, but if I did I would definitely want to attend. It is a great idea.

Alicia0605 said...

I live only about three hours from cinn. I love love to meet you!!

april said...

Yes, I would love you meet you and discuss your books! Your series has been fascinating! I am soooooo impatient for book six!