Monday, October 4, 2010

More Pages Done

I managed to revise several chapters this afternoon, pushing me closer to the end. I think I'm going to call it a day, however. I am closing on a section that will require a flock of new chapters and I need to do some thinking of not only the plot implications but also the complications that I can create for the characters. Just how evil do I want to be? That is still to be decided.

I guess the question becomes: how much turmoil do I want to throw into Mira and Danaus's relationship while they are still trying to become adjusted to each other? Should I allow them a honeymoon period or throw them directly into the fire? I'm still a little undecided. They've been through so much already that I am reluctant to do anything to tear them apart, but at the same time, I do love me some drama.

In the meantime, a friend and I got our hands on some advance screening passes for the the movie "Life As We Know It". It's not the typical sort of movie that I go see at the theaters, but it's hard to pass of free tickets!

I've still got to get a large chunk of writing done before I hit New York on Thursday, but I'm beginning to look forward to the break. I haven't been to New York this year and it's one of my favorite cities and one of the best places to eat.


Anonymous said...

I guess that depends on if their relationship can sustain through the trial. I'm with you I like drama but I hate to have them torn apart completely because of said drama. The idea of a slight honeymoon sounds good also, I really liked it when she showed him the other side of her world that he didn't know about. It could be like the eye of a hurricane, a nice respite before plunging head long into turmoil.
Sorry, that probably wasn't much help, I have a hard enough time making up my mind so I will just blame it on being a Libra. *smiles Good luck! I really enjoy reading your books!

Jessica said...

Sounds like a tough call. Should Danaus and Mira get a little break or should chaos continue on to make for more intriguing developments.

Perhaps a bit of both? As much as I love read the chaos of characters in books, I would like to at least imagine that they can have at least 1day off. But even then 1 day isn't enough.

Of course I can't really take my own advice when writing. Everyday for my characters involves a bit of chaos.

That being said, bring on the chaos! ;)

Nicole said...

I'm all for some drama, if said drama isn't going to be something that will eventually rip their relationship to shreds (to point of no return). So...while maybe a brief respite is nice, the tension of some drama is nice. Just please, something that won't doom the relationship in the end ;).

Moonsanity said...

Fighting is sometimes good-- the drama, the passionate outbursts-- and then there is the making up:) I think in real life this happens to couples until they realize it's okay to fight as long as you know neither one is going anywhere:) You did catch my "making up" thought there, right? *snort*