Friday, August 6, 2010

Contest Winner & Short Story

Time is up! Yep, it's time to announce the winner of my latest contest in which I am giving away a mystery box of romance novels that I received while I was at the Romance Writers of America conference. I put the numbers in the random number generator and the winner is:


who said...

"Oh, I wish I could travel, too. But I'm sooo out of money. :(

Also, I'm interested in winning a book, too, of course. ;)"

Emmi, please email me your name and mailing address to JocelynnDOTdrakeATgmailDOTcom before Saturday, August 14, so I can get you your prize.

Now, don't worry! There will be more contests! I've got a whole box of books that I received from my publisher and I'm going to start giving them away.

In the meantime, I've got a new short story for you. With the release of Wait for Dusk, many people were interested in Valerio and his former relationship with Mira. So I wrote a short story on how Mira received the ring that she wears on her left hand. To read the story, click here. Also, be sure to enter the contest at the end of the blog entry on Literary Escapism.

Finally, to catch the latest review of Wait for Dusk, hop on over to Reading on the Dark Side.


Emmi said...

yaaaay, I'm so happy! :) :) :)
The only thing better than that would be a message telling me: "You have won a signature of Jocelynn Drake". ;) *laughs*

Berinn said...

Congrats Emmi!