Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Around the Web

While I was in San Diego and Orlando during the past couple of weeks, I was also making the rounds on the Internet. I've done a number of interviews, guest blogs, and there have been a number of reviews for Pray for Dawn and Wait for Dusk. Just in case you're curious, here are some links.

Eos Books -- The Next Chapter: Jeaniene Frost Interviews Jocelynn Drake

Calliope's Domain: Interview with Jocelynn Drake

Fresh Fiction: Guest Blog

RomFan Reviews: Interview with Jocelynn Drake

Book Reviews:

Fantasy Literature's Fantasy Book reviews of Wait for Dusk

Cem's Book Hideout: Wait for Dusk review

I think that covers all the chaos that I've caused across the internet for now. There is a short story regarding Mira and Valerio that will be released soon. I will also be on the radio soon in case you actually want to listen to me ramble about books and vampires. More information will be coming soon.

Also, don't forget to enter my contest before the end of Thursday. Just scroll down to the previous entry and leave a comment.

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Christine said...

Wow, a short story with Mira and Valerio! Again something awesome to look forward to!
By the way, I´ve also posted a review of Wait for Dusk on my blog! (http://readingonthedarkside.blogspot.com/2010/08/review-wait-for-dusk.htmlI really loved both Wait for Dusk and Pray for Dawn and I´m so glad we finally got our Mira-Danaus scene! :)