Monday, May 31, 2010

Book 6 Is Done

Today is a good day. Today I finally got to type two of the greatest words for a book after a long struggle: "THE END". Yes, at long last, the rough draft of Book 6 is finally done. It took a few more chapters than I had initially planned, but overall, I am happy with the book.

Here are some quick stats:

I outlined the book at the beginning of January and finished it on June 1. The book took five months to write, but it would have taken only four if I had not taken the month off due to my factured hand.

There are 32 chapters

There are 373 pages

There are 116,520 words -- which is a long rough draft for me and I have no doubt that it will get longer in the revising stage. In fact, this book may prove to be the longest of the series so far.

Book 6 has no official title. I have a working title I don't want to release as it may cause some confusion later. As soon as a title has been agree upon, I will announce it.

There is no official release date for this book at the moment. I imagine that it will be sometime during Summer 2011.

Later today, I will take the book to be printed out so I can do a quick revision/clean-up of the book before I hand it in to my editor. Also, this week, I will be plotting out a proposal for what I hope will be the next books in the Dark Days series.

June looks to filled with plotting, interviews, guest blogs, contests, and more than a little writing. It's going to be a busy summer. So stay tuned for more events and goodness.

Other randomness that you don't want to miss out on:

Supernatural Underground:

This amazing group of authors (with yours truly included) will be giving away a massive amount of books during the month of June! You will not want to miss this. There will be informative blogs, contests, and general silliness that will be fun for all lovers of the paranormal. The contests and fun kicks off tomorrow, so be sure to keep an eye on the site!

Paranormal Summer Fest:

All Things Urban Fantasy and Tynga's Reviews are holding a Paranormal Summer Fest, which will include guest blogs and interviews as well as contests for some of the hottest urban fantasy/paranormal writers. Keep an eye on these blogs as well.

Vampire Trivia:

I ran across this interesting tidbit my pure accident. Do you like vampires? Do you like trivia? Do you like a night out every once in a while?

While at my local Buffalo Wild Wings, I discovered that they are doing a month of vampire trivia on Saturday nights starting at 10 pm!
The schedule I saw advertised was :
May 29 -- Twilight
June 5 -- Bands of Twilight
June 12 -- Vampire lore
June 19 -- Books about vampires
June 26 -- True Blood

For more information, check out's site regarding Trendalicious Trivia for more information. Also, here is a link for finding a location in your area. I am going to try to hit the trivia nights for vampire lore and books about vampires. If there is some interest in getting together for a night out, I will post where I'm going to be a week before the event so we can hang out.


Tynga said...

Congrats on book 6 Jocelynn! And thank you very much for the PSF Shout-out =D I'm so excited lol

Have a great day <3

Midnight Princess said...

Congrats Jocelynn!!!! Thank you so much for your books!!! They are awesome!!! I can't wait to read your new books!! I just can't seem to put your books down. I read them over and over again.

Dottie (Tink's Place) said...

Hi Jocelynn

Congrats on book 6! I'm patiently waiting for Pray for Dawn and Wait for Dusk. Happily picking them up on or before release dates.

Dottie :)

Samira said...

Brillant books Jocelynn I am seriously addicted to Mira and Danus. I can't wait until summer 2011 for my next fix, help! What am I going to do I am as thirsty for the next book as the vampire is for blood! Any suggestions in the meantime?