Saturday, May 29, 2010

Ready to Go

I'm up relatively early this Saturday morning and I'm ready to get typing again despite last night's marathon. By the end of the day, I wrote more than 4,200 words and completed two chapters, while writing the first sentence of the next chapter. I'm closing in on the end. By my estimation, I've got three chapters left to write (unless something freakish happens and an unexpected chapter spawns into existence -- don't snicker, it's happened before).

The goal is to finish the book over the long holiday weekend. It's possible but it's going to be tight run. Today, the only thing on the schedule is a desperately needed trip to the grocery and a possible stop over at the home-improvement store. Oh, and I almost forgot, tonight is the next UFC fight, so I'll be heading out to catch that. On Sunday, I've got a family get-together, which will take up most of the afternoon and evening. However, on Monday, it looks like the day is completely clear.

In the meantime, I technically received a pardon from the govenor (AKA my editor). She caught me on Twitter last night and said that it wasn't necessary to finish the book this weekend because she didn't want me to hurt myself in the process. I won't stress now if it's not done, but unfortunately, my time schedule is tight for June with several things that need to be completed. In order to stay on course, I really need to finish the book (which is running long) this weekend.

So wish me luck. When I finish the book, I'll come up with a contest to celebrate.


Jessica said...

Good luck Jocelynn!
*Throwing good luck your way. :)

An Again said...

Adding some fly by luck!