Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A Quiet Couple Days

I've spent a quiet couple of days recently since the completion of the rough draft of Book 6. Finishing the book was a little draining and I've just been relaxing and tying up a few loose ends here and there. I'll be hunkering down and getting back to the grind tomorrow, though. I've got guest blogs to write, interviews to complete, and three books to write a synopsis for. Oh yeah... that means I've got to figure out what I plan to do in the next three books. Like now. I will admit that I've got a vague idea of the major plot points and the villians for each book, but locations, motivations, and how the heck Mira's going to get out of the mess still elude me.

To help with the plotting, I even bought a new dry erase whiteboard. It's got a few helpful notes on it. The only problem is that I've got a smaller, older whiteboard that is currently being used to hold notes for a super secret side project. It keeps calling out to me when I'm trying to work on Mira and Danaus. It's not a productive atmosphere at all.

In the meantime, reviews of Pray for Dawn are starting to slowly trickle in and things have been positive so far. My fingers are crossed that this trend continues until the release at the end of the month.

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Moonsanity said...

Maybe you need to put your secret project whiteboard behind a piece of furniture or in a closet so you aren't tempted while working on other things:) I have this Gigantic white board one of my teen's friends gave us. His dad got them somewhere. They are HUGE. I have no idea how I would even affix it to a wall, but man, it would be awesome for plotting!