Saturday, February 20, 2010

Working in the Dark

I've done it for a second night in a row. I start typing in a room lit by the light coming through my windows. I get caught up in the book. Then I look up to find that the room is completely dark except for the light coming from my laptop. I have little doubt that this habit is bad for my eyes, but I am currently too lazy to walk across the room and flip on a light.

Book 6 is progressing very nicely. Actually, I think this one is fast becoming my favorite one to write. Of the finished books, I think that book 4 (Pray for Dawn) is still my favorite because of the storyteller and some favorite new characters and scenes that make an appearance.

However, Book 6 has a very interesting flow to it. I wish I could say more, but I'm saving this one as a surprise. Besides, it also has to get past my editor and if she doesn't like it, the whole book gets scrapped and I have to start from square one again. A possibility, though I'm hoping that it's slim.

I want to thank everyone for the suggestions on how to get Danaus into the backyard alone. They were very interesting. However, I am happy to report that a couple laps around the track at the gym quickly revealed to me what I needed to do. I'll give you a hint: Jabari has come to play.

On Thursday, I wrote more than 4,100 words, making it one of my strongest and most productive days. Unfortunately, I didn't get jack done on Friday. There were too many errands and distractions to allow me to get behind the computer for any span of time, which was a little frustrating. While I'm not done with today's sessions just yet, I'm not sure that I'm going to hit my 3,000 word goal as I had hoped. I've got 2,000 words done, but a new character has unexpectedly popped into existence and he intrigues me. I want to think more about him and see if I can use him more in the book than just this one little scene.

Before I say good night, I will leave you with a somewhat new snippet from book 6. If you're following me on Twitter, you've already seen this. But, this is how I closed chapter 7.

"Sees things differently,” I murmured as I walked back toward the house. If Nick was going to continue to use me and keep me cooperative I needed Danaus at my side. Danaus kept the madness at bay.


Newfiewife said...

*swoon* I love snippets. Complete Awesomeness....

Melanie Golden said...

You need to get a lamp that you can just reach over and turn on! Take care of yourself, woman!

Akasha said...

You could get a floor lamp attached to The Clapper! :) Then you wouldn't have to get up. Just CLAP! :) Haha! You really should protect your eyes, though, because if you stop writing about Mira and Danaus we'll all go insane!