Monday, February 22, 2010

Admitting Defeat

With as much dignity as I can muster, I have to admit defeat. During the past week, I have been running a poll running regarding some snow creations built by my brothers and myself. It has been a tight race, but the polls are finally closed and I must declare a winner (even if though someone [and you know who you are] went out on Facebook and enlisted the help of his friends in the voting). After tallying the votes on both my Blogger and LiveJournal accounts, we find that the BMW Snow Dude got 2 votes, the Snowcastle with moat received 25 votes, and the amazing Snowdragon won with 33 votes. Yes, I will admit it. The Snowdragon was pretty darn cool, but I hate admitting defeat to my younger brother. Curse you, Stephen! We will get you next time!

In other less thrilling news, I went to the dentist again to finish the root canal that was started last week. I don't understand the great fear surrounding a root canal now that I've had one. After all the pain killer has been injected, you don't feel a thing and the only thing you have to worry about is your jaw getting sore while you lay there with your mouth open. Tomorrow is yet another visit to the dentist for a normal check-up and a thorough cleaning. I will still have one more appointment ahead of me. He said that I need a crown for the repaired tooth. Then, hopefully, I should be done for a little while.

Now, onto the news that you really care about: Book 6. I had a massive writing day on Sunday, tallying more than 4,000 words! That was a very solid day of work and I'm extremely pleased with the chapter that is now nearly completed -- it's a long one. Book 6 has allowed me to dig deeper into the politics and the inner workings of the naturi clans and society, expanding the Dark Days world greatly. I'm so excited about this book and I can't wait for readers to dive in. We're meeting new characters and I've got some familiar characters making some very wise and surprising decisions. It's all just so much fun. Book 6 is quickly stealing a special place in my heart.

For today, I'm aiming for a more sedate 3,000 words. I still have to pop by the gym and complete a few other things before I can get down to writing, which probably won't be until tonight. But as you may have seen from my other posts, I apparently prefer writing in the dark.

For any of my Cincinnati readers, just a quick reminder: Kim Harrison is going to be Cincinnati for a book signing on Wednesday, February 24 at 7pm.

She will be at Joseph-Beth Booksellers at:
2692 Madison Road
513 731 7770

I will be there supporting my friend. If you spot me with my new darker, shorter hair, please stop over and say "hi". I might have some treats with me.


Spat said...

I had a root canal in high school and thought it was extremely boring. I did however schedule the appointment during my math class so that was cool. lol.

Heather Dearly said...

I was fine with the visiting the dentist until I needed a root canal. I developed a dental phobia and have had to be sedated ever since. I couldn't handle the plastic dam in my mouth for an extended peroid of time, because I am claustrophobic. But I'm very glad to hear yours has been uneventful. I wouldn't wish that kind of anxiety on anyone.