Friday, February 6, 2009

New York Comic Con -- DAY 1

All right, I'm so tired I can barely see straight and I haven't even made it to the convention yet. Yes, I'm that sad and pathetic. Today, I had a quick meeting with my fabulous editor and a video interview with Kim Harrison -- which was fun. I think the video went well. As soon as it is released, I promise to produce links.

From there it was relaxing with mini-cupcakes from a place called Crumbs. They were the yummiest, most amazing little cupcakes I have had ever had. All different kinds of flavors and neat decorations. I think I'm going to be tracking this place down on my next trip.

Then, I grabbed dinner with the stunning and effervescent Vicki Pettersson at a place called Fatty Crab on Hudson Street. Write this one down, people. The food was absolutely to die for. I believe the fare was Malaysian and it was simply amazing. I suggest the Steamed Buns, and the Watermelon Pickle and Crisp Pork. We also had a soup, but I cannot remember what it was called. Just go. Hurry. Go now. The different tastes and the way they mixed was awesome. I know, I usually don't go so over the moon about food, but this was really great.

To Mark, with the lovely Irish accent, and the other wonderful servers at the Fatty Crab, thanks for the amazing, attentive service, and we hope you stop down to visit at Comic Con.

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Becky LeJeune said...

Have fun at Comic Con! I wish I were going, too. Can't wait for book two in the series, btw and my monster sisters are nagging me for it as well (they're great really, not monsters at all).