Friday, February 13, 2009

February Stars

So, I glanced down at the calendar this afternoon to discover that the month of February is now half over and I've got more deadlines than I know what to do with. My copyedits for Dawnbreaker rolled in on Thursday to my surprise. With a 3-day weekend staring me in the face, I don't see myself doing anything stylishly romantic involving such lovely things as champagne, strawberries, and/or chocolate. No, it'll be me alone in a pair of grungy, comfy clothes going through the edits as I fight for comma placement. Ahhh… the glamorous life of a New York Times bestselling author. Throw in cleaning out the kitty litter box and a huge load of laundry, and my weekend will be complete. If I'm lucky, I'll be getting most of the edits done this weekend so that I can move back into Book 4.

Yeah, poor, neglected Book 4. We were off to such a strong start and then life just got in the way. That and my own sad procrastination. I recently realized that a scene that I thought was done isn't really done. Nope, not by a long shot. The point of view is off and there needs to be a little more tension in the scene so that it matches up with events that occurred in Dawnbreaker. So, much to my chagrin, I have to backtrack and have another go at this scene. I don't like going backward in a rough draft and it's rare that I allow myself. But I feel that it's better than I do it now while both the scene and Dawnbreaker are fresh in my mind.

In the meantime, I'm not working tonight. I've got ballet tickets. My mom and I are going to see the Cincinnati Ballet perform Peter Pan, one of my all-time favorite tales.

Also, before I forget, I've got a few more pictures from the New York Comic Con that I have to download from my camera. I will try to post those this weekend. I'm telling you, I'm going back next year just to see the costumes.

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