Thursday, January 22, 2009

Catching Up on Email

Tonight, I'm lingering at work due to a major monthly project that needs my attention. I'm taking a break, listening to "Fast Car" by Tracy Chapman. This song has long been one of my favorites. Just the idea of jumping into a car and getting away from it all, that promise of a fresh start, is an appealing daydream.

I heard that it actually warmed up today from the arctic temperatures that we've been recently suffering. You know, back above freezing. Unfortunately I didn't get away from my desk today to experience it. I made it into work just as the sun was rising and I look out a nearby window now to see that it is pitch black once again. There are just certain days where I don't get to see much of the sun.

Another unfortunate development is that I'm going to getting home so late that I won't have time to do any writing tonight. My one goal is to actually catch up on the email that I have been neglecting recently. Speaking of which, I've been told that I'm hard to get a hold of. So, if you've got any questions for me, but don't want to leave them on the blog, I can be reached at:

jocelynnDOTdrakeATgmailDOTcom …. Just replace the DOT and AT with the corresponding symbols.

Have a good, productive and/or relaxing night.


My Blog 2.0 said...

Hi Jocelynn,

Just wanted to find out if Nightwalker was available as an ebook. I have the browse inside widget on my blog, and someone searched through my blog, looking for the ebook. Just wanted to let you know. If it is, I'll post the information on my blog.


Candace said...

Wow, its super hard to imagine that it's so cold elsewhere as I live on the west coast and for most of this winter we've had temps in the 70s. It's gone down the past week- we had some rain last week and it was pretty cool today, down in the low 50s.

Jocelynn said...


As far as I know, it is available as an ebook. I know it is available for the Kindle, but I don't have any details beyond that. My knowledge is pretty limited regarding ebooks.


That's not nice. It's bitter cold here and we're expecting snow. Enough snow and ice to slow the entire tri-state area to a crawl tomorrow. Think warm thoughts for me!