Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A Sweet Contest

No, it's not me running the contest, but that doesn't keep it from being a totally awesome contest. Stop over at the Eos Books -- The Next Chapter blog. They've been running a 10 years, 10 weeks, 10 giveaways contest. And for the final week: they are giving away a complete Eos library for 2009. That's right! You have a chance to win a copy of every book they publish during 2009. That includes books from Kim Harrison, Raymond E. Feist, Vicki Pettersson, and even yours truly. Hey, that's my next 2 books! How could you not want that? Be sure to hurry over today and sign up. The contest closes on January 1.

In the meantime, the edits continue. I'm in the middle of my last new chapter that needs to be added, which I hope will give a deeper look at the magical abilities of nightwalkers as well as answer a question about Mira's heritage. Or at least, clear something up.

This will be my last weekend to work on the book before I have to ship it back to my editor. So, I've got to finish the chapter tonight and then I can jump back into cleaning up the mess I made with the other chapters. I've noticed that I use the words "slowly" and "slightly" far too frequently. In fact, I think I've ripped out 90 percent of the instances.

In the meantime, I just received a copy of my next contract for Eos. It's hard to believe that they want 3 more books from me. Will I have any trouble coming up with plots for them? Nah. I've gotten Mira into enough trouble in the first 3 books that I'll need another 3 to dig her out again. I also received my cover flats for Dayhunter and they are AWESOME. I love my cover. I promise to start nagging my editor when the new year starts about letting me post a picture of the cover. It will be soon, I promise.

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