Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Revision Time

Dayhunter is safely in the hands of my editor. My entire focus is now on Book 3 -- which is where is belongs. After spending most of the day with a migraine that tried to suck my will to live, the pain has finally subsided enough that I can sit in a well-lit room with my laptop. I completed the line edits that my editor sent me and I'm now making a second pass through the book, addressing the bigger issues.

One thing that I have to work on is weaving in more subplots into my novels. My books tend to be very linear when I write them, with everything working toward the end goal of the book. I need to relax a little in my plotting and allow my characters to spend more time with side issues, relationships, and other things.

After completing my line edits, the original draft of the book shrunk by roughly 2,000 words. This book revision is going to be an interesting balancing act of tightening my writing, while adding fresh content. My goal is for the book to end with around 115,000 words, which is the same length of Nightwalker and Dayhunter.

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