Sunday, December 14, 2008


Sometimes things don't work out how one might hope they would. I was planning to spend my weekend working on Book 3 edits because they will be coming due in a couple weeks. But a couple days after receiving the edit letter for Book 3, I received First Pass edits for Book 2 (Dayhunter), which were due on the exact same day. First Pass edits are where I have to go through the book with a fine-toothed comb and look for typos, grammatical errors, and other minor things. I'm not permitted to make any major changes. In other words, it has to be plain wrong for me to make the change at this point. It is also my last edit for the book -- which is a good thing.

The bad thing is that I wasn't planning on the edit to hit when it did, so I am now behind on my edits for Book 3.

The good thing is that the First Pass edits for Dayhunter are done and have been shipped to my editor. I can now focus my entire attention on Book 3. Keep your fingers crossed that I can hit my deadline.

And since it's the weekend, here is your weekly dose of Muppets.

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