Monday, September 22, 2008

Starry Night

It's been another good day in the Big Apple. My morning started off with an interview on Bloomberg TV, which I think went very well. At the very least, I think I looked good because I had professionals handling my hair and make-up. My next appointment was cancelled, but I concluded the afternoon with another print interview, which I think went well.

After a quick break in my hotel room catching up on emails, I am pleased to report that I managed to pop into the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), which is just across the street from my hotel. I had a very specific reason for going -- they have a special exhibit of Van Gogh going on right now. It is an exhibit of his famous night/twilight pieces, including ... sigh ... Starry Night. Growing up, I had a print of Starry Night in a frame on my bureau. But getting to see it in person was amazing. For a brief moment in time, I standing in the same spot as a piece of exquisite history. I got a little teary. I know, I'm silly. But to see some of the great pieces of art from the masters is always exciting.

The line to get into the Van Gogh exhibit was a little long so I didn't have enough time to get through the whole museum, but I enjoyed what I did see. I did see a few Picasso and some Lichtenstein. I'll admit that you can fit what I know about art into a thimble and still have room left over. However, I know the names of the so-called masters and I can appreciate the amazing work they have accomplished.

The artwork conjures up so many my ideas and questions in my head, leaving me wanting a quiet place to sit and write for hours on end. However, I am due for dinner with a friend tonight. And then it's back to the book edits for me.


Heather Harper said...

Saw your Bloomberg clip.

You looked great! (Loved your hair.) Have to admit that I was waiting for the "and this is JD of Blankyity blank blank... a blankblank and urban fantasy author."

My expectations aren't realistic, huh? ;-)

P.S. I have four Van Gogh prints in my den. Color me jealous!

Jocelynn said...

Thanks! Yeah, the stock market world has to stay separate from the vampire world.