Sunday, September 21, 2008

New York

I'm back in New York for a series of interviews. For those new readers, I do still have a day job in the finance industry. It allows me to pop into New York a couple times during the year to do a series of TV, radio, and print interviews with the financial media. It also gives me the chance to visit a city that I love to visit.

It must be a sign of the Kentucky hillbilly deep inside of me, because after I got settled in my hotel room, I hit the street and walked straight to Central Park -- one of my absolute favorite parts of the city. I stayed on the edge of the enormous park, but it was just nice to see it again. The lovely green mixed with giant boulders and spotted with sunbathers -- all ringed with skyscrapers scratching at the sky. It's the part of the city that I feel most at ease in.

But that's not to say that I don't love the hustle and bustle of New York. I walked over to Fifth Avenue and grabbed a shot of the Apple store. The entrance to the store is a great glass box with the Apple logo. The area surrounding the store (which I understand is underground) is always filled with people grabbing a bite to eat from the street vendors and doing a little people watching.

The pace on the sidewalk seems a little slower today that the usual frantic pace. I wonder if Sundays are left to the tourists and the real New Yorkers stay inside.

I didn't wander about long. I'm a little tired today. Also, I've included a picture of my room. As you will notice on the bed is a copy of the edits for Dayhunter. I've still got to work on that for a little while today. I hope to pop back out again tonight when the sun sets a little bit more.

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Christine said...

Welcome to New York, Jocelynn!

Well, technically I'm in New Jersey, but I'm just a hop skip and jump to downtown Manhattan, so I kinda consider NYC my city. Hop onto NJ Transit in my little commuter town, skip under the river and jump into Penn Station! LOL

Central Park is one of my most favorite parts of the city, too. Did you walk over to Strawberry Fields? I think it's only maybe a 10 minute walk from the corner of Central Park where the Apple Store is.

Hope you enjoy the rest of your stay! =)