Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Soon... very soon... I will be headed home again. I'm exhausted. It has been a very good, productive trip to New York. I've met a lot of great people, who I hope to see again on return visits. And for a market that is rocky, I think I held my own in the interviews fairly well.

So, here are a few highlights for those that are interested.

Signed Books:

I popped by the Borders at 461 Park Avenue (I think the cross street is 58th, but you might want to check) and signed a handful of books if you are interested in a signed copy of Nightwalker. If I sneak in any more bookstores before I leave, I promise to post their location here. A special thanks for the booksellers at Borders for kindly helping me.

The Highlander:

Last night, I didn't post a blog entry because I got back to my hotel room late from an evening cruise around the harbor on the Forbes yaht, called The Highlander. The boat is absolutely beautiful and I promise to post a picture of it later. Right now, I'm blogging from the hotel lounge and don't have the necessary camera cord. The boat departed at 6:00 p.m. last night from the harbor and sailed around the area, passing by the Statue of Liberty and under several bridges, which my new friends and I were unable to successfully name. It was a beautiful, if somewhat cool night. The view of the downtown skyline was amazing, better than any of the pictures I've seen. Overall, the whole experience was very sureal. I'm this little Kentucky girl on a yaht in the New York harbor along with all these brilliant newsletter advisors, enjoying an evening cruise while being pampered. Life is filled with lots of strange, unexpected moments.

Radio Show:

Do you have any burning questions you would like to ask me about Mira and Danaus? Well, you're going to get your chance. I'm going to be on the radio. The Authors on Air program The Beyond is hosting an "All Souls Show" on October 30 at 3 p.m. that will feature me, Melissa Marr, Vicki Pettersson, Jeaniene Frost, Holly Black, and Mark Del Franco. The call-in number is 347-826-9684. Mark your calendars. For more information, please click here.

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