Friday, September 26, 2008

Livin' For The Weekend

It's the weekend at last! It's been a long week and I'm glad to be home from New York, even though I've got a massive pile of laundry demanding my attention. I really hate doing laundry. Regardless, I finally have downloaded a couple pictures from my cruise around the New York harbor. The first one below is of the boat that I got to cruise around on. Since it's called the Highlander, they hired a bagpiper to play while we arrived. Very cool. The second is of the Statue of Liberty as we sailed by it. Again, very cool. It was the closest I have gotten to the Statue.

This weekend, I am helping my parents with a yard sale and editing Dayhunter. I am hoping to complete my edits this weekend so I can ship them off along with the final edits for novella. If I am lucky, I will be able to get both projects off my plate so I can focus all of my attention back on the sorely neglected book 3.

And since it's the weekend, I think we all need a dose of the Muppets.
Have a good weekend.

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ABlindManSees said...

Welcome back from New York! I just picked up your book recently. To be honest I hadn't heard of you and was browsing the book store trying to keep my total purchases under 50 bucks this time... or hell let's be honest I was trying not to spend over a hundred, when I saw the book. I always read the backs and take a look at what the reviews are like. When I see some of my favorite authors give praise to another author I immediately pick it up. Gotta say I'm so not disappointed. I love the urban fantasy genre and sometimes it's tough to find new authors, especially when you've read them all. Thanks for following your dream of writing so that people like me can continue to have quality entertainment. Not to mention feeding our addictions. I look forward to the next book and hopefully when you start doing book signings I'll be able to drive out your way (I live in WV).

Have a great week and thanks again for doing what you do.