Thursday, May 15, 2008


It may come as a complete shock to some people, but I am a very big Nine Inch Nails fan. I know, vampire writer likes loud, angry industrial music – who would have guessed it?!? However, a while ago, Nine Inch Nails released a new album (Ghost I-IV) of instrumental music inspired by a series of images. Being the loyal devotee of Nine Inch Nails, I purchased a set of the music that included a book of the inspirational images.

And oddly enough, one of the images did prove to be … inspirational.

Sometimes, it just clicks like that. I’ll see picture and words will start pouring forth as if some careless child opened the spigot and skipped away, unconcerned with the consequences of his actions.

The picture is of a man with shoulders slumped a few feet away from a massive sound mixing board. His head is bowed and his hands are limp as his side. A tangle of multi-colored cords rest at his feet like a nest of snakes. And from the back of my mind whispered a low, husky voice:

“What if I can’t do it any more?
What if I’ve lost it?
The music does make sense any more.
The chords are jumble.
The notes a blur in my brain.
My hands no longer tingle with the new music.
They simply shake and tremble,
Hesitant to touch the cold, black and white teeth
Spread before me in an evil grin.
What if it’s gone?

I’m making notes for a story that I might be able to return to later.

Inspiration surrounds you,
Flowing constantly in the air.
Be open and ready, and it will never leave you.


Rinda Elliott said...

NIN lover here,too. I have the instrumental CD-- wait, part of it. I didn't get the images.

Freedom Star said...

Ooh, NIN? I'm not a huge fan of NIN; surprisingly enough, I'm a big country music fan. I will try a lot of different genres, and my favorites are country, classical voice, jazz, swing, and pop. There's a couple random bands thrown in like Mika and Nickelback and Linkin Park. I have a very random taste in music. Hehe.