Monday, March 17, 2008

The Drake Cave

I'm heading back into the book tonight for a little while. I don't expect to get a lot done, but I'll feel good with just 500 words. Sometimes, you need to take small steps.

Thanks for the positive comments on the web site. As I stated before, it's a continuous process where we will be trying and testing new things all the time. I will try to provide new content on at least a monthly basis for a while. I'm lucky in that I think I've created a pretty deep and detailed world, giving Mira lots to talk about for a few years...

Since I'm opening up a little bit about myself with the new website, I thought I would show you my "cave". I don't write as much as I used to in my office. But I do find myself wandering in there when I need to think and play with the plot. It's a good place to go and stare at the wall. Or maybe just commune with the dead authors. All my reference books are handy and since my nightwalkers travel a lot, I need maps to brainstorm. My image of Danaus is also hanging on the wall beside my desk. I've kept him close at hand for a few years now.

As you might have guessed, I am very close with my family -- particularly my brothers. My youngest brother is the one who is designing my website, which isn't always the easiest process. Because sometimes there's what I want and then there's the right way of doing it. It's my brother's job to convince me to do it the right way. He's getting better. In case you're interested, he has started his own blog where he will be talking about website design and all the design things he likes to do. Being as we are both avid gamers, I'm hoping he gets into video game design.

Now, I have a second brother, who thinks I'm certifiable -- and he wouldn't be completely wrong. He helps me out just as much. Mostly, he keeps me laughing, keeps me sane, and shows me how normal people live (such as seeding my mostly barren lawn, choosing the most energy efficient light bulbs, and reminding me that I seriously need to read the owner's manual to my car). He keeps me locked in reality when I'm in danger of spending too much time with my vampires. He stopped by the other day and adjusted my poem from last week. While it's not a haiku or senryu, it's 100% my brother.

In case you can't read it, it says:

"Chain me to the moment
Delirious & frantic and wanting you, sweet TV
My feet above the sun"


Freedom Star said...

Cool cave! :) For me, my 'cave' is my desk where I sit and do my work and study. And I didn't fail my final; I'm hoping I did fine on the exams. They certainly didn't seem like the end of the world, so I guess I did okay. And woo-hoo, I can't wait until the postcards come in!

One more thing, I have two blogger accounts, this one and another one under which I post as 'freedom'. I don't know why that other one still exists, since I haven't used it for about four years or so. But "Freedom Star" and "freedom" are both me. But you might've guessed that already...

Freedom Star said...

btw, love the poem. I can sympathize with it. When CSI pops on, all I want to do is shush everyone and glue myself to the couch for however many episodes are playing.

cat said...

Hey! Your walls look to be about the same colour I am about to paint my living room / dining room walls. :) Obviously great minds think alike - even if you have no idea who the heck I am. Heehee!

Looking forward to the book!!!