Sunday, March 16, 2008

Not Dead Yet

I'm sorry about the extended radio silence. The personal crisis that I mentioned last week is slowly being worked out and my life is steadily approaching normal once again. While many of the people I've met and become friends with during the past few years would vehemently argue with me, I have to say that I am an introvert at heart. And when bad things happen, I withdraw from the world so I can work through it all on my terms.

But before you can fire up those concerned emails and well-wishes (which I greatly appreciate, don't get me wrong), all is fine. My family and I are fine. My cats are fine.

Another reason I've not blogged much is because I've not actually written two words of fiction in a week. I think that is seriously starting to eat away at my sanity. Too many hours away from my work starts to wear on me. Gotta be writing. Always writing.

However, this weekend wasn't a complete waste. I have ordered a new set of business cards with my blog and web site address on them for next month's RomanticTimes conference. I also ordered a set of post cards with information about Nightwalker printed on it. I plan on placing them on the promo tables for people to pick up. Time is winding down. We're just about 4.5 months away from the release. I need to spread the word far and wide!

I also worked with my brother on my web site. It's actually been out, live on the Internet for close to a month now. But it's had bugs and we've been tweaking little things. There isn't anything to it graphically yet. My concern was just getting the important information out there for readers. Yet, we've got most of the bugs fixed now and we are turning out attention to getting Google crawling it. Of course, as we were working on the site this weekend, my brother informed me that he plans to completely redesign it later this summer. (To this I simply shrug; he's the one with the web smarts. I'm just a writer)

But.... if you're interested in learning a little more about me and the somewhat twisted world I have created go to . My goal is to add at least one new informational page each month leading up to the release. I'll be sure to post a heads up here when the page goes live.


daydream said...

Oh the site is lovely! I simply love it, but there is this one littel bug left. The links don't work, because I tried to click on links. I also love how the style of the letters change, when you hover ona directive and want to click. Cool!

Jocelynn said...

Do you know if your pop-up blocker is stopping the links from working? When clicked, the links embedded in the text is supposed to open a new page...

Thanks for the heads up.


Freedom said...

Wow, the website is gorgeous! I personally love it. And I've been devouring the information on the pages eagerly. :) Probably not the best way to spend the hour before my geo final. And I'm glad that all is well with your personal crisis. I was a tad concerned with the week-long silence, but glad that you're back now.
I won't be at RT, since it's not within my college-student funds, but since they're post cards...could you perhaps mail one out to me? :D

btw, the links are all working fine for me.

Stephen Drake said...

I'm glad to hear that everyone is liking the site. I have started up my own blog and will be posting on it weekely for anyone interested in design. The Final real site will be up and running Later this week.

And yes I have agreed to completely redesign the whole Dark Days Series site once again later in the year so keep checking in.

Jocelynn said...

Freedom and Daydream,
I'm so glad that you like the site. We'll be updating it regularly (I hope). But no checking ahead of finals! I don't want to worry about your grades! When the post cards I order come in (and if I like them), I'll give a heads up. I would be happy to mail some out.

daydream said...

Mhm, I have been pretty busy, so I couldn't check back and well I really have no idea why the links won't work on me, weird and the pop up blocker doesn't show up to say it's not working, just the link is like a plain text.