Tuesday, December 18, 2007

A Great Read

Not much to report tonight. I'm still pounding my head against the wall regarding the plot for book 2. While the book is technically written already, I made some changes to the end of Nightwalker that would enable me to go in a slightly different direction for book 2 in the revisions. The question now is whether I want to go in that new direction. Will it make the series better? It will be more work, but I don't mind the work as long as I know it will make the books better. Still thinking...

In the meantime, I have a book suggestion. This past weekend I finished reading Richard Matheson's "I Am Legend." If you haven't read it, go out right this minute and get this book. I mean it! Step away from the computer, get your car keys, and go! Okay, you can order it off the Internet too. This is a simply fabulous book. It's a story of the last man alive after the rest of humanity has been turned into vampires.

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