Sunday, November 18, 2007

Vampire Goodness

In celebration of Jeaniene Frost's book, Halfway to the Grave, hitting the New York Times bestseller list, I have located a cute little poll to help you determine whether or not you are, in fact, a vampire. Hey, sometimes these little details can slip by us if we're balancing my things at once....

The poll is just 10 quick questions and I have provided the link below as well as my own results of the poll. And no, the results came as no great shock to me.

You Could Definitely Be a Vampire

Immortality, staying pretty forever, not having to get a job... you could definitely eat some flesh for these things.
It's not that you're a murderer by nature. In fact, you're probably the furthest thing from it.
However, if you woke up a vampire, you'd certainly be able to adapt and enjoy your new lifestyle.
There might not be much better than living forever, even if it means giving up your soul.

What you would like best about being a vampire: Being a total outsider

What you would like least about being a vampire: Other vampires

Also, if you haven't picked up a copy of Jeaniene's book, I suggest you grab it.

Halfway to the Grave:

Half-vampire Catherine Crawfield is going after the undead with a vengeance, hoping that one of these deadbeats is her father -- the one responsible for ruining her mother's life. Then she's captured by Bones, a vampire bounty hunter, and is forced into an unholy partnership.

In exchange for find her father, Cat agrees to train with the sexy night stalker until her battle reflexes are as sharp as his fangs. She's amazed she doesn't end up as his dinner -- are there actually good vampires? Pretty soon Bones will have her convinced that being half-dead doesn't have to be all bad. But before she can enjoy her newfoun status as kick-ass demon hunter, Cat and Bones are pursued by a group of killers. Now Cat will have to choose a side ... and Bones is turning out to be as tempting as any man with a heartbeat.

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