Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

It is so nice to know that I get to sleep in tomorrow; that I will have several hours to sit around and work on my new project before I have travel anywhere. It will also be nice to hang out with family for a few hours. Between work and writing, I haven't had much time to see them.

The new project is slowly coming along. Some nights are extremely productive. Others are not. This book has a little more research built into than I had originally expected, which is sucking up large blocks of time I hadn't planned on. The other problem is that my copyedits are due to arrive next week. The moment they hit my inbox, this new project will be shelved for a while. After the copyedits have been completed, I start writing book 2. The nice thing is that I already have approximately 90,000 words done for the rough draft of book 2. I'm hoping that the revisions mean not a lot of cutting, because I am looking to make book 2 at least the same word count as Nightwalker, if not a little longer.

But the first step for book 2 is to review the book outline. I know what happens in book 2, but I need to really take a deep look at the plotlines. I changed a number of things in Nightwalker and I need to make sure that everything matches up, that the intensity in book 2 matches Nightwalker.

I am torn at the moment. I'm having a lot of fun with my new project. The world is significantly smaller than in Nightwalker. I'm also starting to fall in love with my characters. I am almost done with chapter 3 and they have surprised me a number of times already. However, a part of me is anxious to get back to the vampires and the world I've created in Nightwalker. It's dark and gritty and sexy and very dangerous, but I've been working in the world for so long that it's home for me. It's definitely time to head back home.

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