Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Christmas Tree Test

I am slowly recovering from a migraine that has stretched for nearly two days. I didn't even bother to crawl out of my p.j.'s today. I logged on simply to check to see if my latest edits have arrived .... nope. Soon, I'm sure.

However, I am happy to report that my cats have passed the Christmas Tree test. My sweet kittens, Harley and Demona, are about 8 months old and they run around the house like a pair of wild horses on speed. I was extremely nervous about putting up a Christmas trees, positive at least one of them attempt to climb it. A pair of cats I shared with my ex used to strip everything off the bottom 1 foot of the tree -- and I mean everything; lights, ornaments, tinsel, garland.

So, as a test, I put up the tree and lights the day after Thanksgiving. For two days, they didn't touch it. Actually, they hardly went near it. On Sunday, I put on all of the ornaments. Demona will sniff some of the bottom ornaments, but otherwise, neither touches the tree. They passed! We might actually make it to Christmas without the tree falling over!

I really like my tree. It has white and red lights. When I am working on novel, I turn on only the red lights -- it keeps my vampires happy.

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