Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Edits ... At Last

Sigh... ask and ye shall receive.
In other words, I opened my big mouth and my edits were waiting in a large yellow envelope on my doorstep when I arrived home this evening.

There is something very unnerving about knowing someone has gone over your manuscript, using a microscope, a scalpel, and a pair of tweezers. Along with the manuscript was a short style guide, a list of some of my more obscure vocabulary (such as Abu Simbel and souq), and another list of all the characters, even if they appeared as only a brief one-line mention. My job is to check over the book, make sure I agree with all their changes, answer any questions they have, and find anything that I feel still needs to changed. All using a colored pencil. Naturally, my first thought was "Crap! Do I even owe any pencils, let alone a colored one?!?" To my great surprise, I do. I now just hope one of the cats don't steal it.

Sadly, this means the New Project must now get packed away, as I promised. It's a little frustrating because I have reached this key turning point to the whole story and I really, really want to write it.

Oh well, it does mean that I am headed back in to the world of vampires and hunters and dark, scary things that bite in the night....ah, my second home.


Rachel Vincent said...

When my first (hard copy) edits came in, I had to ask #1 to bring home a red pen. We actually didn't own any. ;-)

Lee Morrison said...

Edits. Hate 'em.

Hang in there. You'll get to that other story.