Sunday, September 16, 2007

Sunburned, but Happy

This has got to be a quick entry tonight. If you haven't noticed by the lovely counter on this page, I managed to churn out a good chunk of the novel on Saturday, with a lot of it being new content. I am still running behind and I think this week starts the schedule where I stop sleeping.

Today, however, was my last concert for the summer so I took a break (but at least I tried to do a little editing on the drive north to the concert). I am sunburned, but it was worth it. Three Days Grace is quickly becoming one of my favorite bands. It was the second time I had been able to catch them this summer. Breaking Benjamin was also awesome, as well as Seether, Chevelle, Sum 41, FingerEleven, and FlyLeaf. I only caught part of Sick Puppies and missed the other two bands completely. The concert was great, the people watching was .... interesting to say the least. Though, there were more than a few sights I pray time will completely erase from my memory.


Heather Harper said...

Sorry about the burn. :(

I got it bad today, too. I need to pay more attention when I spray on sunscreen when it's windy.

(Love the bands listed, btw.)

Rachel Vincent said...

Not fair. You get to do all the cool stuff. I love Three Days' Grace and Seether.

And I've never been to a concert.;-(


Jocelynn said...

You would think that I would know better! The sunburn is slowly fading.

Rachel, I'm just gonna steal you from your family for a few days so we can get you caught up on the essentials such as concerts...