Tuesday, September 25, 2007

My Old Kentucky Home

I'm home again and exhausted. My cats, Harley and Demona, are happy to see me, though I have to wonder what happened while I was gone. I think there was a major battle waged on my sofa. My cats shed very little, but when I came home, the cushions were covered with clumps of hair, which I've only seen after the girls have been rough-housing.

I'm back to revising tonight, though I managed to complete a chapter and a half during the two flights. My fingers are crossed that I will be able to complete at least one more chapter tonight. While the word count gauge looks nice and nearly full, I think I will need to adjust my final word count goal because I am going to blow past it before the end of the book. I am holding off for now as it makes me feel like I have a lot accomplished.

Since Rachel has decided not to speak to me any more, I am posting a couple picture just for her. I want to reassure her that my life isn't all travel and "fun." As you see below, I have returned to the glamorous disaster area that is my kitchen and a pile of dirty laundry.

Rachel, my dear friend, I did think of you while I was walking down Fifth Avenue and Times Square. I passed the giant Hershey store, Godiva on Fifth, and Lindt chocolatier, wondering what I could get for you. But in the end, I sadly walked away empty handed. I knew in my own horrible weakness, the chocolate would never make it back to my hotel, let alone safely shipped to you. I am supposed to return to New York in early December, I may try for chocolate then.

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Rachel Vincent said...

Ha! I don't believe it. You probably came home to fun laundry. And nice clothes. I've seen your wardrobe, and you're not fooling me! ;-)

Oh, and yes, we're on for Philidelphia. I can't wait!