Thursday, September 27, 2007

Author Pictures

I need help!!!!

My photographer has sent over some author pictures for my book, but I am having trouble deciding. He sent me 10 and I did a preliminary poll of some friends, which resulted in three favorites -- though by a somewhat narrow margin. All 10 have been sent on to my editor and she will pick which one goes in the book.

However, I would like to set up a separate poll. The winning picture will be a part of my blogs as well as appear on my web site. Check out the pictures below and vote in the poll at the top of the right column. Thanks for your help and opinion.

Picture A:

Picture B:

Picture C:


Rinda Elliott said...

B!!! We can see your beautiful face. :)

LesleyW said...

Yep, I'd vote B as well. Unless the others are going to be cropped closer.

Perpetua said...

Picture A. Sexy, atmospheric, Anne Riceish. In B you look rather forbidding.

Rachel Vincent said...

I voted for A. I just love that one!