Monday, September 24, 2007

New York Minute

It seemed like today passed in just about a minute. I did quite a bit of walking, but I was able to see a little more of Madison, Lexington, and Park Avenue -- areas I hadn't wandered down in the past. In a word: nice. In two words: very nice.

After all the appointments were done, I was able to meet my editor for the first time. She is awesome and funny. She also gave me books. Does she know the way to my heart or what?!?! I now have a signed copy of Neil Gaiman's Anansi Boys and an Advanced Reader Copy (ARC) of Holidays Are Hell, as well as several other books, on their way to my house. I love my publisher. I love my editor.

We had a great dinner during which I think I talked way too much. Was I nervous? Heck yeah. I may have got the contract, but until I see my book in print there's some little voice in my head screaming "don't blow it!" and I continue to walk on eggshells.

For those interested, great Italian in Midtown can be found at Il Gattopardo on West 54th Street between Fifth and Sixth. The lasagna was fabulous. If you're looking for BBQ or ribs, Blue Smoke on E27th between Lexington and Park is great. I also had a great Chicken Parmesan sandwich (that was absolutely enormous) at Maxie's just up from Times Square. Just keep in mind, these places are in Midtown or very close, it's gonna be a bit expensive. You're in New York, what did you expect? Oooooo! And great cheesecake can be found at Lindy's, also near Times Square.

A couple more pictures tonight and then I am off to finally finish the chapter I have been working on.

I believe, New York will always surprise you, no matter how long you live there or how many times you visit. You turn a corner and find a little something that will make you stop in your tracks. Across from HarperCollins on West 54th Street near Fifth is a pocket park. This small slice of heaven in a quiet niche with a grove of trees and this magnificent waterfall gilded with golden lights. Walking in, the waterfall is just loud enough to completely overcome the sounds of traffic and the city. In this tiny garden, you step into another world and everything (fears, worries, stress, anger) washes away with the falls. It was heaven.

My last picture tonight is from Central Park. Like I mentioned last night, the park is another escape from the rush of city where you are surrounded by green earth and these massive boulders that seemed to have exploded up from the ground. Yet, even in the midst of this park, you only have to look up a bit to see the city looming on the skyline, a silent reminder that you haven't truly escaped.

I noticed both of my pictures tonight feature a bit of green. I think it's time for me to go home. I love New York. I love the buzz, and activity, and just the overwhelming energy that fills every inch of this city. But in the end, I need to go home to my rolling green hills and vast stretches of trees that line the horizon.

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Rachel Vincent said...

Okay, I'm officially not speaking to you anymore. I never get to do anything fun! ;-(

But I'm glad you enjoyed your trip. I was working. At home. In Oklahoma. Not NY.