Sunday, September 30, 2007

Light at the End of a Very Long Tunnel

I can see the light! Yes, I can finally see the light. I didn't get as far as I wanted to this weekend, but I did make some very good progress, had some chapters turn out better than expected, and most importantly, I am on track to meet my deadline -- thank God!

I am down to the last couple of chapters, one of which needs some heavy tweaking (which is only made worse by the fact that it is also a fight scene) and another chapter that needs to be written from scratch. My goal is to finish the existing chapters tomorrow. And write the new chapter on Tuesday. That way, I can have it all printed on Wednesday for a final read through, and some last minutes changes to yet another location. My novel globe-hops quite a bit, and out of 3 different locales, 2 were changed and a new one was added. My final deadline is October 15, but I would like to have it completed by October 5 so the book doesn't go on vacation with me to Vegas. But I think at this point, both you and I know, the book is going to Vegas.

Just as a quick reminder, November is fast approaching. Are you ready? "For what?" you ask. November is National Novel Writing Month. Do you know what you will be working on? Due to things like contracts and deadlines, I won't be able to fully participate. However, I will be setting up a goal for that month, most likely 50,000 completed words of a manuscript (hopefully, book 2). Start thinking about that novel now!

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Rachel Vincent said...

Yea! You're almost done!

I think I'm doing Werecat Four for NaNo. This'll be the first time I'm actually starting a new book in time to participate!