Sunday, May 4, 2014

May the Fourth...

It has been a wonderful weekend!  And I didn't go anywhere.  Nope. No where. I didn't get in my car and I didn't travel long distances to deal with crowds, heat, or noise.  I stayed home, watched movies (finally got around to seeing The Shining and Man of Steel -- loved both!!), read books, wrote stories, and I loved every freaking second of it.

I love my new home in Florida but one of the problems I've encountered is that every weekend is filled with go-go-go! As someone who likes to spend a lot of time behind a computer screen writing stories, this is not a good thing, particularly since the majority of my writing is done over weekends.  However, I was promised a weekend off from the constant go-go-go of life so I could relax and catch up a little.

What have I done?  I'm so glad you asked.  I have written about 3,000 words on a historical romance for my alter-ego and I'm very happy with how the story is turning out.  There's some things I'm seeing that I'm going to have to tweak when I do revisions, but I like where the book is going.

I spent some of today working on world building.  You see, I was trying to figure out what to work n yesterday and it hit me that I was craving something with a male point of view (apparently I've been spoiled after writing three books from Gage's POV and one from Danaus's POV).  All the books I've been working on recently are from a female ... except for this fantasy story I've been saving.  So, today was a little world building and some plotting.  I have a feeling this book will be something I write over the summer into the fall.

Strangely, I've discovered that the bulk of my writing is done during the summer and fall while a lot of my editing is done in the winter into the spring -- though there have been a few exceptions due to deadlines.

If you are wondering, I am nearly done with the Stefan/Dark Days spin-off story (I think I have about 20,000 words or fewer left  before I finish the rough draft).  I will probably finish that in May or early June and then allow it to sit for a bit so I can come back into edits with fresh eyes.

As you can see, I'm juggling several books at once, which has become the norm for me.  I am looking forward to getting the edit letter for Gage's final book and working on that soon. We're still on target for an October e-book release. I sent my editor some titles for the three parts and they weren't rejected.  If they are officially accepted by the marketing department, I'll announce them and maybe include a snippet.

In the meantime, I am reading Kerrelyn Sparks' Wild About You and Anthony Bourdain's Medium Raw. I am looking forward to tonight's Once Upon a Time episode and dreading the season finale next week.

Also, to celebrate Star Wars Day, I am posting an old video I made of Darth Vader's trip to the Cincinnati Zoo.

Here is a link to the blog post I wrote about being the Sith Lord's handler for a day.  It was a great experience and I hope I get to do it again some day.

May the Fourth be with you. Happy Star Wars Day!


Anonymous said...

Can't wait for the new book :)

Angela Fitzgerald said...

I have been reading that the next book/books will not be one book, rather a sequence of books and only ebooks. So, anyone who's purchased your actual books can't get the next book/books in paperback.
I must be honest even though your mind is made up and there's no.changing it. What about all the people that don't read ebooks? What about all of your fans that only touch and read the actual book? I feel this is more hurtful to your fans as it will be to you as well.
In addition to this, I'm an Audible lover. I also purchased your books after listening to the audio books. My daughter is one of those fans that won't read an ebook or listen to an audio book. If it's not the actual book she WON'T TOUCH IT. I know it's a money thing but also what about your fans?
Lastly, I listened to all of the Dark Days books on Audible except the last one. I find it extremely disappointing that an author or publisher puts all the books on there except the last one. I have contacted Audible to get them to request the final book Burn the Night be available on audio format with Audible. I even contacted you and you said you heard from your publisher that it would be turned into an audio book with Audible. That's been a very long time and I'm still waiting. I think it's extremely wrong to your fans. I would think you would have better communication with your publisher where you can ask what's taking so long. I do understand that you're a busy person but its us that get you the things you like and want. It's us little people that purchase your books, ebooks, and audio books. So think real hard about this. I'm still waiting on the last Dark Days book to be turned into an audio book. I was told it was going to be available, so what's taking so long?
I'm sorry Jocelynn if my comments seem rude but I often think people get intimidated by someone like you and won't say what thst want to say. I'm not like that as you can tell. I ask questions and say what's on my mind. I hate that I have the paperback books for the Asylum Tales, Angel's Ink and Dead Man's Deal but I won't have the other paperback version. I expect that it won't be available on Audible either will it? I don't read, I don't have time. I'd much rather listen to a book any day, some would rather read it on whatever ereader they have, and other's like my daughter will only touch the actual book. I just think it hurts all authors not to finish what you originally start. I think that's why authors lose fans and money. Just remember to make us little folk happy.